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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything

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      • SiN Episodes
        I'm under NDA, but I can tell you this much: w00t!

        It wasn't a game that I was following that much, if at all, but as a fan of the orginal getting the chance to sit down with Ritual for playtesting was awesome. If you like classic first person shooters at all, this is a must buy

      • Stuff
        Science is the way. Objective reasoning, meticulous testing, re-testing, and then even more tests again in space.

        Religion as a study is cool, in fact, it can be down right fascinating, but as a practice in modern times (read: with me in the crossfire) is very scary business. Warning: Hol

      • SummerTech is Self-Empowering
        Summer is rolling up PDQ, and it's time to start thinking ahead, so here are some facts to help you out a bit:

        In my 6 week stay as a SummerTech staffer, I:

        Ate Better. Grilled instead of chicken-fried, breakfast instead of...nothing, no cornerstone runs for soda and junk

      • Getting Ready!
        Getting ready for the transition from Pre-production to Production.

        Planned Tools:
        Laptop (P4 Intel + WinXP pro) Production work done here
        Desktop (64bit AMD + Win2k Pro) Editing, audio, and other Post done here
        Wacom Tablet (A digital Pen you can use instead of a mouse)
      • Looking back and stepping forward.
        Ok, I tried really hard not to do this, but one can only read so many articles looking back at ‘05 and ahead to ‘06 without wanting to do the same for your own blog.

        Read on for highlights of ’05 and peeking into the future with ’06 (It’s a lot, so get ready!)

        January ’05: I wa

      • Bouncers, Kebabs & Ruby Murries!

        Bouncers, Kebabs & Ruby Murries!

        A top rate Machinima film broken into chapters, telling the story of the most kick-ass club Bouncer in the world and the brutal, if comical, mobsters and their lackys surrounding him. It's gritty, stylish, and impeccably well paced. Of

      • Down Time
        So, I sent my laptop in for repair last week, and pretty much since I moved my desktop has been dead. I've had a fair bit of down time this week, though I somehow managed to have my New Years LAN party with only one real no-show. (NEXT TIME TURTLE! NEXT TIIIIMMMMEEE!) We even had two extras com

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