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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything

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      • Happy Freaking Birthday!
        On this day 23 years ago, the world was made a better place.

        I hope to maintain this level of awesome for at least another 23.

      • The Update
        Man, I feel all weird today. Tired and cranky mostly.

        Birthday coming up on the 31st, I'll be the big 2-3. So far no mass depression like the last few years, but more of a forward looking "now what?" What ever "what" turns out to be, I've decided this is the

      • The Silence of Oblivion!
        Holy crap! I raided this vampire cave right, killed them all with prejudice (that's what I named my fire-claymore,) as any good Red Guard fighters guild member would do. In my raid I stumbled upon a strange bottled drink called "shadowbane." It must of been a freaking GPS enhanced bot

      • Happy Birthday Aya
        Aya, Happy Birthday! [RD]

      • Tweaks
        Ok, so I've tweaked colors, font size, and added some links to other machinima sites I felt worthy of your time.

        Lets hear some feedback!

      • Slow
        Had the whole week off, and you know what I did?


        It's been so slow that I cleaned the apartment on a Friday. Me, CLEANED! I got all of my clothes, all of the dishes, all of my Lexus. I had grand plans of production madness, shattered by sleeping all day. I kid you

      • Slither: Slug it Out
        Hey gang, check out my Slither tv spot on the top of this page: Slither: Slug it Out Contest

        Make sure to vote!

      • The Blog Move
        The other blog soft was, how should we say... not working out. Constant spaming, hard to update, picture posting was a joke, etc. etc.

        This blog soft however, kicks some big blog butt. Except for the comments, for which I am working on a fix. [edit] they are fixed, but I did not transfer

      • Blizzard, can I borrow a dollar?
        Blizzard recently announced 6 million players.

        What's it about 12 bucks a month? More?

        Thats 6,000,000 x $12 = 72,000,000 every month.

        That's almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS annual.




        It just boggles m

      • Slithering this way on my birthday
        Got me a new cellular phone today, wheeled and dealed until they let me pay 30 bucks for a 150 dollar blue tooth mp3 phone. Kinda nice, I don't like the flip top, but the blue tooth ear bud makes up for that. It takes mini SD cards, so I gotta find one for my music.

        Speaking of music

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