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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything

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      • New York
        I made it! Again!

        Last year I was a day early, this year a day late, it all evens out as Steve says.

        Lots of crazy memories came flooding back, I had a drink lastnight in hopes of making a few more.

        Lot of the staff have their own Nintendo DS, the mutiplayer frag fes

      • Chicago!
        A bit of plane troubles has us hold up in the Windy City, my SummerTech logs will begin officially starting on the next update. I'll even setup a special category for it.


      • Holycrap!
        Sucks to be a Mavs fan tonight... arg!

        Anyhow, Mike and I have been toiling away all week on this crazy new Machinima project. It's so crazy, that our minds explode on a regular basis and we have to pick up the pieces in order to get working again. I'd venture to guess that the

      • No Grant

        For the past /checks calendar/ FOUR years, Dead on Que Productions has been knee deep in production of various Machinima films, but none so complete as this new release here today.

        Hold fast to your socks, for they could be rocked right off.

        Prepare your minds

      • Fox Replies!
        Thank you for the feedback, Buddy. I've passed this on to our VP of
        Programming for Fox Reality.

        All the best to you,



        Steven Ward
        Director, New Media
        Fox Reality

      • Shutting Down
        Hate to say it, but I've got to start shutting down my little demo now. I got a lot done, and I've super impressed with how far I was able to go in such a short amount of time. I got a basic concept of my witch drawn and modeled, but I never made it to any sort of game-ready state. I did c

      • Milestone #1
        Flight code, check.

        Broom Art, check. (alpha not rendering, researching now)

        Screen shots, check.

        (Here's a closeup of the broom alpha, it's supposed to be working in the game, but I'm still a noob)

        Next up, bro

      • C++
        Whoa! If today isn't the neighbor of the beast, I just compiled code for a game engine with Microsoft Visual C++ (the 2005 express edition)!

        Feels rather nice I must say, I started messing with simple Torque config files trying to get a witches broom to fly me around the game, and be

      • Blogiversary

      • A Better Future for Fox TV! - An Open Letter
        The influx of so called "reality" television is the main reason for my exodus from the world of watching TV regularly. There was a time when I enjoyed the bulk of Fox networks programing, until a few years ago when the 'reality' struck. I find the programing insulting and downrig

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