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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything

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      • Torque Game Engine 1.5
        Heads up folks, a massive upgrade to the Torque Game Engine from Garage Games was released today. Includes all kinds of features that I feel make the TGE the most solid and well-rounded 3D game starting point.

        Major Features:

        Windows, Mac, and Linux support

        Full eng

      • Typical SummerTech Machinima Class Schedule
        Things to know: Only 3 Hours of "Class Time" each day. ST is a place to learn, but even more important than "classroom learning" is having fun. We interchange class time with game time every hour (closer to 40 minutes) until lunch. After lunch it's electives, dodgeball, dinn

      • Lots and Lots of Pictures!
        I was playing with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom beta, and found that it freaking rocks for taking my digital photos, cleaning them up, and launching them into the www as very nice gallery pages. Much better than my previous methods, which was to try every gallery generator under the sun until I ha

      • Boycott Time
        I hate doing this to people I respect. You hard working 3D artist, animators, programmers, project managers, and dreamers.

        However, leave it to your marketing people to screw you and I in the wallet.

        What am I on about, you ask?

        EA is including software designed to

      • Machinima: What is it good for?
        Years and years ago Mike and I got our start with Machinima by deciding to make a playable Half-Life map-pack to rival the likes of “USS Darkstar”. It was going to huge on story, and even bigger on scripted-sequence action. Every corner you turned would unleash a torrent of explosions, cinematic cli

      • SAVED! -Tokyo-
        Farting around with my little digi-camera today, while mulling over the possibilities of the Nikon D80, when I noticed 3 pictures from our hotel in Tokyo saved to the root folder of the cameras' internal memory! Take that subspace!

        Now behold a hotel I may never be able to afford aga

      • Pics Aug-Oct
        With my trusty camera phone on hand, I've managed to snap a few notable pics of my surroundings since I've been back from New York. (not including those from Tokyo)

        Texas FTW!

        New Football and Track feild at work.

        Sever backup,

      • Diet Cola

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