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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Even More Rain 
Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 01:48 PM - Everything
60-70mph winds, tore power lines from the poles, left hail thick as snow, took down parts of the fence, ripped off every leaf on every tree, and clear cut a big heavy duty plastic bench in three parts strewn across the yard like cardboard. Who needs Rita when you have Canadian cold fronts?!

Good news? They say this front marks the end of the 100+ degree weather we've been having up till today. I like jackets, joy!

I took photos of some of it, I don't think they'll come out, but we'll see soon.
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Sunday, September 25, 2005, 01:48 PM - Life
Sweet, finally sold my '98 Ford Contour SVT! Thankfully the buyer is a car mechanic by hobby, I hope he can fix it up and have fun driving it like I did for the short time I had it.

Expect another posting in the next week or two about my new car.

And Rita completely passed us by. Jerk.
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Rita My Dear 
Thursday, September 22, 2005, 01:46 PM - Everything
Largest storm to ever hit the United States. Even way up here in Dallas, it'll be a level 1 Hurricane when it arives this weekend.

Gas prices are going to be insane. 0_o
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Gasp! Rain! 
Saturday, September 17, 2005, 01:45 PM - Life
Yes, rain. I like the rain, and it hasn't rained in my part of town for quite some time, so I filmed it. And now, here is some of that film for you.
Texas Rain
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Obligatory Sorry State of Video Games Today Rant 
Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 01:44 PM - Everything
Most of my pals are completely ignoring M$, and signing up for either a ps3 or Revolution (or Cube^2). When asked, my kid brother (he'll be 13 when the nextgen hits, and no longer a kid) declared his xmass list will only have room for Nintendo, but as Zelda is now delayed, maybe not even that much. His reasoning? Simply put, he can actually play Nintendo games; the nice lady at the rental shop will deny him the majority of PS2 games. That and no matter what generation of kid you talk to, they will always tell you that the Sonic, Mario, and Zelda games kick everything else in the balls. They donít care about GTA brand Coffee; they want to save the princess with go-carts and shiny rings! I donít know any real live person interested in the xbox360, and I only know one person who has the first one. (A girl, for The Sims and DoA Beach Volleyball)

My experience in video gaming:

Grow up with Intelivsion, not realizing thereís an entire line of similar products that are better. Completely miss computers all together until 1992 (unaware is more like it.) In the late 80ís all I can think is Nintendo NES for Xmass, even though the Sega Master System sat in the den for a year kicking major gaming ass, somehow all the kids in the family luck out one year and score the NES. I got me some Mario and love it, but the shit really hits the fan when I plug in Zelda for the first time. My god. Could gaming ever get any better than this? (At the time I thought it could, the industry however would prove me wrong.) Some time around 92-93 mom got a Sega Genesis and the NES went into the closet of forever ago. Gaming rocks my 2D world all the way until DooM came out. I sacked Tejas Testing Technology offices that Gorge W. Bush (then Governor of Texas) so thoughtfully shut down for a PC with a CDROM to install and play the game. I came out with nice chairs, TVís, and even a few phones that I still use till this day. I interchange between Sega, PC, and eventually the N64 quite regularly during the mid-late 90ís Sony was completely ignored because the games and graphics sucked to me, even back then when all the graphics sucked. Poly popping did not impress me one bit, even if I did end up borrowing one for a week to play Resident Evil. I eventually got a Voodoo Rush card to play it on my PC.

Now, I hit High school, everything seemed to go FFVII, Tekken, and Sports. I managed to switch into PC gaming and LANs during that time, so I was playing Quake2 Three Wave CTF, Action, Half-Life, and TFC while everyone else was still suffering n64 and playstation. I missed the Quake 1 generation by just a year or so, chalk one up for tall upgrade prices. I jumped back in console land full swing with the Dreamcast on the cheap after it fell, and found my self pissed off at the world for choosing not to enjoy the greatest console ever made. The ps2 was soon here, but I was so profoundly unimpressed that I could have curled up and died. Muddy graphics + crappy controller (just doesnít fit my hand properly) + sub-par games and their many crappy sequels = one big WTH when it went mega-platinum. At least Nintendo sequels were sequels to games that were good the first time around. The PS2 had over all the other consoles but one thing: Samurai and Ninja games as far as the eye can see! If thereís one thing I like more than Cowboys, Pirates, and Robots, itís Samurai and Ninja. MmmÖ that sounds like a new game all unto itís self. Well? Lets get cracking EA! Itís the only way to redeem your sorry ass now! THE ONLY WAY I SAY! (Well, Burnout 3 was freaking awesome, but still!) And this time, make it work for a real OS, like WINDOWS 2000. Gosh.

PS: I still buy most Nintendo products, Iíd buy a new Sega system if they made one, the Dreamcast did every thing so right, itíd be hard for them not to justify at least giving next-nextgen a try. Iíll be getting a Nintendo Revlution for sure, no matter how much it may or may not suck. I will seriously look into the ps3, but I think game pricing will keep me well away during launch. Lessín they gets them one hellofa ďNinja Nazi Zombie Pirate of the Old WestĒ game.

Obligatory Sorry State of Video Games Today Rant [check]
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