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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Results are in! 
Friday, September 19, 2008, 03:13 PM - Machinima
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
So the meeting went well! We covered a ton of ground, and I ate enough Chinese food to render me clinically dead for the remainder of the evening. It was the sugar biscuits that finished the job; I just know it! So. Damn. Yummy. Sugary. Thank the mighty Thor, God of Rock (and thunder), for Alka-Seltzer.

The biggest news is that we are NOT going to the NYC festival. The reasons are many, but mostly so we can save our monies and have an epic showing at the next festival(s). As you can guess, money is tight these days, and we may need to show face at other festivals early next year, once we complete the pilot episode of “For Science.” Instead we’re going to spend that weekend camping, as is our early November tradition, and hit up the Machinima EXPO in Second Life the following weekend.

So, in lieu of our presence, we would like to go ahead and extend our best wishes to the participants. Each year shows a huge leap in Machinima’s growth, and this year will be no different! I for one cannot wait to see the results of this year’s event!

Internally we took a serious look at our progress and work ethic over the summer, and we were not pleased. So we ironed out a plan of action to help keep us both in high spirits, and working more consistently. Barry has all but been appointed to be our formal team manager, the cruel taskmaster that will give us ice cream when we work well, and kick us in the nards when we work… poorly? Right now the whole office is on ice packs until the doctor says otherwise. We also started an A capella soprano band. The opening number will be, Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”


Avast ye scurvy dogs! Man the bilge me lad, she'a be takin on water like the clever beauty do take 'er suitor's coin!
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The Meeting 
Thursday, September 18, 2008, 10:51 AM - Machinima
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
Looks like we're having a huge meeting tonight. As you may have heard, Montreal is a bust, with Second Life rising up in its stead. Word on the street is that even MORE people are going to turn out to the SL event than the Montreal iteration... at least more people from the Machinima community. Which is cool, but I really do enjoy talking and converting the uninitiated public too.

This means I'm mostly likely going to NYC after all, but I won't be taking a week of vacation to do it in. Then again, maybe I'll be in the office working on For Science instead!

We're having an emergency meeting tonight to discuss a much more relaxed production schedule, giving ourselves a week or two to be people persons again. I also believe we may try to have our characters re-designed one last time.

/tosses out hours of rigging and animation.

Since the schedule has become personable again, I may take the opportunity and try some non For Science ideas that I've had floating around my brain for far too long. Our master project list has a music video up next, so I may just say screw-it and get started on it, even though it's designed to be a tie-in of sorts... Mike's theatrical opus follows that, with plenty of breathing room for my 'secret project' that I've been working on, also, for far too long.

One of the ideas floating around my head is a Machinima in Nintendo DS spec. Something cute and super silly, maybe with ninjas and pirates... I could totally see it being an unintentional epic. Mmmmmmm.... 120K/s polygons total @ 256 x 192 pixels resolution....
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Mystery Pics! 
Saturday, September 13, 2008, 11:26 PM - Life
Posted by Buddy of DoQ

These were -OLD-

Like, antiquated! Look at our college freshmen fat-asses!

And this, I don't get it, but it sure is stylish!

Man, I was awesome, like a real cowboy!

I think they won that year! For SCARIEST SHIT of the SEASON!

All in all, these mystery pics were a nice nostalgic look at 2001/02. I think. :o
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I Like Ike! 
Friday, September 12, 2008, 03:15 PM - Life
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
So had some lunch with mom today, and we found two old un-developed rolls of 35mm film in her center-console. Ironic, I was just thinking to myself that when we got back from Ottawa in 04' that I took more pictures than I ended up with... but who knows what's on these mysterious rolls?! I'm going to stop by the local 1 hour this weekend, and we'll find out the hard way if mom's center dash proved a cool-dry place to store film! If they're worth a look-see, I'll post the highlights on the ol' blog here!

Ike is said to be so big, that it may still be a hurricane when it hits us way up here in the Dallas eastern outlands. We won't get the ocean surges, but tornadoes and flash-floods are notorious around these parts. I plan to hunker down in the Warhammer Online Open Beta, and ride out the storm with a Dwarven Ironbreaker.

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A moment of Zen 
Thursday, September 11, 2008, 04:37 PM - Machinima
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
This is what I know:

The music: it rocks. Exactly what we were going for, with a twist of loony that meshes well with the look/feel. Of course, it's being made by the master of these things, so I'm not so much surprised as elated and somehow even more enthused by the project. We're keeping mum on the who's-who... I didn't start it, but I like presenting big names like surprise party cheers at the very last second, so I'll run with it!

The MFF deadline: even with the week extension... we're not going to make it. This is where reality bites, because we've been busting some major ass trying to make that deadline for months, even to the point of becoming physically ill, but the truth we had to accept is that For Science would not be the object of our pride if we rushed any harder to make MFF. Chances are high we may skip the festival all together and re-double our efforts to have a good showing in Montreal. Although it breaks my heart, it really doesn't change our primary goal for the project.

The Machinima Expo: her deadline is Oct. 6th... we can make that one, no sweat! In fact, we taffy-pulled the original workload to make it easier to chew. If nothing else, we can bring it along as a part of our workshop.

Social Life: completely sacrificed, I lost and missed out on a lot these past few months. Not my idea of healthy, but I learned a few things: For crying out loud, don’t take a pause from living when Machinima is on the line! Deadlines are deadlines, but life will pass you by the moment you decide something like being human can wait till you’re done. I was so focused on the project, the “dream,” that I started feeling horribly guilty every time I left the house… it literally kicked my ass; the moment I lowered my defenses I was out for 4 days with a fever. I’m much better now after some medicated rest and a real moment of Zen, thanks! Funny thing is, I’m all the more eager to get right back to it and actually finishing doesn’t seem impossible, or so bad! Only this time I’ll go out, socialize, and take my own bloody advice.

For Science, The Plan:

We’re going to finish up this pilot episode, show it off this fall to the immediate community this early November and put our chins out for all the hard punches sure to follow. We’re doing something fairly unique to Machinima (I believe,) so the edges are going to be rough. (I mean, we still don’t even have a proper pipeline, it’s more like some flexi-straws glued together!) We’ll need all the feedback we can get! Then, we’re going to spend the winter completely re-creating and polishing the assets for maximum shock and awe. Then, we’re going to release to the public at large starting sometime in January, then there will be a new episode every month until we have 12. After that, it’s up to the fans (if we have any). The glorious part about the plan is that once we have our assets established, additional episodes can be made almost as quickly as they’re written, and since outlines for at least 4 episodes have been discussed already, we’ll be in great shape for 2009. I’m sure each of us will be cranking out some shorts too, along with a music video for the most awesome band of all time.

So there you have it! Sit tight and the next update will probably be some cool handy information about Montreal. We're sending in a scout to Canada this week, perhaps he'll bring us back some recon...

[edit] And for the record, that new Nano is the ugliest thing Apple has ever made. EVER![/edit]

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