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Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh...

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...A Jedi craves not these things. You are reckless.

- Master Yoda

Reckless and thirsty for adventure, yes, but almost certainly not a Jedi either so it all works out, right? Put in my two weeks yesterday, been working at this school district right outside my hometown for 5 years. It was stable, had plenty of vacation, and paid well enough. Gave it up in the space of 24 hours without a second thought when BioWare of Austin called and asked, "So, when can you start?"

That's right dear Internets, yet another Machinima director has been added to BioWare's already impressive collection. I'll be moving to Austin in the next few weeks and working under famous Machinima guru Paul Marino on the new Star Wars MMO. There isn't much I can tell you, for one I don't know anything yet, and two... there's just no way I'm telling you anything until the game comes out anyway. Play it and see. However, just knowing some of who's involved should give one an idea of the epic scope this game is going to deliver.

To claim I'm stoked about directing, even tiny portions, of the Star Wars universe is a gross understatement of fact. This is a universe that I grew up with, watching and re-watching. I've played almost all of the games (some more than others), watched all the movies, and even suffered through the wretched made for TV Ewok film and the Chewbacca Christmas Special. Even made a short Jedi-battle with my kid bro back in the day. Never mind the fact that I'll be working for one of the most influential game developers of all time! Seriously, how many hours did we lose to NWN during that semester-long LAN? So yeah, pretty damn excited.



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