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Who What?


Dead on Que is an independent film and animation studio founded in 1999. Based in Texas, Dead on Que strives to create original content based on the principles of artistic and narrative expressionism. We are a team of three highly creative and motivated individuals whose work has helped pave the way for the future of Machinima.

  • Michael Holochwost: Director, storyboards, concept artist, and visionary.
  • Brian Mayberry: Director, 3D artist, producer, editor, and website.
  • Daniel O'Neill: Musician, muse, and the backbone of our films.

With 2002's short: “Fake Science” Dead on Que raised the bar of production and made aware the abstract possibilities of Machinima, by turning away from traditional video game assets and values, and instead focusing on aesthetics, poetry, and music. “Fake Science,” took home 3 nods, and won for Best Visual Design at the 2002 Machinima Film Festival. It has been the subject of countless articles in a wide array of publications such as 3D World Magazine, and has made official selection and various film and animation festivals, such as Bitfilm, and the Ottawa International Animation Festival.




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