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Diet Cola

Dead on Que is proud to announce our newest Machinima release: Diet Cola

Diet Cola was originally made as series of example films for the SummerTech Computer Camp 2006 Machinima class, but it has now been compiled and made available as a collection film for all!

Download here: Diet Cola


Retro Cop

Dead on Que is proud to announce the release of our latest short: Retro Cop Versus the Living Dead. Made as a technology test to investigate the possibilities of the Unreal 2 engine, Retro Cop is an abstract musically driven short focusing on three characters in their animated plight against the dead reanimated. From Machinima.com or from Deadonque.com!

Requires Divx codec to play [ link ]


Fake Science



Experimental, award-winning film - is it questioning science? Decide for yourself. Winner of Best Visual Design at the Machinima Film Festival 2002.

Fake Science Article and Downloads [link]

Requires Divx codec to play [ link ]

Real Time version of Fake Science! This version is played back using the PC game Half-Life and the Spirit of Half-Life modification. [ link ]

Or download the film directly from Dead on Que: Fake Science





" The Miss-Adventures of Thudman! " A mind-blowing tale of love, legos, and science! Follow Thudman as he aids the Professor in preventing the sockpoclypse from ever hapining by going back in time to foil the dark plans of the evil Dr. Catheadman! Will Thudman and his giant can of whipped cream be enough? Or will man kind be destroyed once and for all... again? Watch to find out! Requires Divx codec to play [ link ]





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